Best Inferno Farming Routes

Inspired by a post on by user Suuperdad

I’ve only personally run two of the routes mentioned in this thread so I will only describe how to do these:

Act 1: Dank Cellar/Mira Eamon

These runs can be done very fast and with very little HP/DPS. They won’t get you the best gear in the game (like farming act 3 and 4) but you can still find lots of auction worthy items.

1) Select Act 1 Quest 3 Begin Quest
2) Go to the Old Ruins WP. Go northwest, hugging the wall, and look for a dungeon called “Dank Cellar.” It spawns about 50% of the time from what I can tell. Inside is a rare monster named “Sarkoth: Hoarder of Treasure” who should be quite easy to kill.
3) You can either end the run there, or go back outside and poke around in the courtyard area to the south of the waypoint. there is often another dungeon called “Dark Cellar” that sometimes has unique monsters and potentially treasure goblins.
4) Go back to town and talk with Cain. He will tell you to go talk to Haedrig on the other side of town, who will lead you to the “Cellar of the Damned” which will have a bunch of infested townspeople and a miniboss named Mira Eamon. She drops okay loot and is pretty easy to kill as well.

Act 4: Aspect Farming


This is an excellent route for anyone who can farm it as it has the chance to drop the highest tier items in the game. You will likely die quite a bit, but the price you pay for repairs is paltry compared to the loot you can receive.

1) Select Act 4 Quest 4 Begin Quest
2) Take the Crystal Colonnade waypoint and head south, down a set of stairs. You will find the Gardens of Hope Tier 2 portal. Go inside, don’t be shy!
3) “Checkpoint” will flash on your screen. This is the room you will start in from now on.
4) Clear out the pots and weapon racks. There is even a chest in this room sometimes.
5) Go back through the portal and go north to the “Gateway to the Silver Spire.” Try to avoid the monsters that spawn.
6) Continue north to “THe Silver Spire Level 1”
7) 1 of 3 bosses will spawn here: Maghda, Zultan Kulle, and Mira Eamon. I would recommend not trying to fight Mira as she is much harder than the other 2 bosses and will slow you down.
8) Tyrael is your best friend. With Maghda, he will absorb countless acid blasts to the face and not even blink an eye. With Zultan, you can position Tyrael just right so that the big guy can’t move. Tyrael does a ton of damage and has infinite HP, so he can practically solo him, although for maximum efficiency you will want to help him out a bit 🙂
9) Collect the loot. Go back to town. You can end the run here, or take the WP to the Gardens of Hope Tier 1 where there are lots more pots to break.

Watch the video to see how it’s done:

Alternatively, there is another set of aspects that you can fight in the very next quest. The run time is much shorter, but the bosses are slightly more difficult and take more time. I’ll test this out and include it in this post in a future edit.


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