Price Guide [AM-SC]

last updated 7/19/12 at 12AM CDT

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11 thoughts on “Price Guide [AM-SC]

  1. Hi,
    Are you just collecting this data manually?
    Any chance we could get an EU AH version going?
    I’d be happy to help collect data.

    • The EU AH version should be up by this weekend. I want to work out a few kinks in the data-collection method I’m using before I start monitoring other realms. Stay tuned!

  2. Hey, this is really neat and useful. Are you going to be doing one for the armor as well? I suppose it would be harder though because it is mostly stat specific instead of one damage number.

    • Yes, I plan on tracking all types of items eventually, but as you mentioned, I will need to use criteria other than simply the “Armor” value. Any ideas on what other fields I should refine would be much appreciated.

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